The amazing world of VR

Did you know there are tons of VR porn games just like those non-porn games? Of course, as with all games these days, the range is vast … but also range of hardware and devices is huge.

Look, just because it is VR, it might not be that simple. There are different devices for VR. One of them being gear VR porn. It’s a device called HMD (Head Mounted Display) which actually allows 360 degree exploration in gaming. Imagine what this is doing in porn games … it’s amazing!

Then you have different computing devices. Of course, these days phones are powerful enough to run these games. Now you can launch VR porn games simply on your phones. However, you would still need to install certain apps because you would need to run these games. There is also a vast selection of these apps to run VR porn games. Fortunately, majority of these apps are compatible with all the VR porn games so whichever game and whicever VR app you pick, you can be certain that it will work well.

Now when it comes to VR porn games, there is a vast selection of these games already and new ones are coming out each and every week! Believe me when I say that there is a game just about for anybody’s taste! Are you a man wanting a girl to suck you off? Yup, you got it. Are you a man wanting another man to suck you off? Yup, you got it. Are you a girl wanting some lesbian action? Sure, there’s plenty of that. There are also tons of other kinky games like shemales sucking you off, shemales fucking your cagina or asshole (no matter your gender). There are couples, couple lesbian, group of gay men fucking each other and of course, one of those men will suck your balls off.