Blonde Escort Ladies: Are They The Most Attractive?

Most men in Italy believe that girls with a blonde hair are the most attractive of them all. There are actually several types of research on this matter and one has even been conducted by a social network Badoo. Each one discovered that men think of blonde women as the most attractive. So why this is the case?

On one side, there is no scientific reason for that. Men are attracted by the body type, breast size, face and etc. but the hair color wasn’t included in factors men consider. On the other hand, we have movies and celebrities which are commonly shown as blonde women. For example, Marylyn Monroe was the best-known blonde woman of them all. Then we have movies where blonde girls have the main role, like The Girl Next Door. This is believed to be the main reason why men are attracted to blonde women. Annunci girls a Firenze have a high list of blonde models that work for them, so you can get a clear picture why cloned women are so desirable.

Hair attraction depends on the location as well

There is another way how we can explain this matter. Blonde girls are more desirable in Europe and America, while those with dark hair are reserved for Asia and the Middle East. Simply said, blonde women are more common and treated as more desirable in the aforementioned locations, while they are extremely rare in the Middle East and Asia.

It isn’t a coincidence that so many clients like blonde girls and hire them only in Europe. Of course, models with dark hair are appealing as well and they are popular as well. In addition, it can be defined as an individual matter, but it is up to you to choose which model you prefer.